It’s cold in the winter

Days 30
Classes 32
Teacher Megan

Had a class back at the old studio today. Hardly got in the door before Laura called me on writing the blog. Hi Laura! It was the first time I’ve bumped into someone who’s just randomly found it. It was nice to see the familiar faces, so I guess I’ll have to sneak in some more classes there going forward. They currently have a broken heater (should be fixed next week) so that meant a rather cool class, with the heat coming from the back of the room. Great reason to park myself on the back row for a change. The lack of heat had the unexpected consequence that I kept getting bored (?! I’m officially damaged goods) and losing focus. This does not bode well for doing other types of yoga. Thankfully Megan is a very good motivator.

I lost a pair of shakti’s earlier this week, and I’ve been trying to find a shop that sells them to replace. But male yoga cloths are almost impossible in this town. I’ve managed a few places selling decent female cloths. But so far the only bikram suitable male shop I’ve found is a bikram studio in the completely opposite end of town. I bought their only pair in my size last weekend so I’m not holding my breath that they’ll have a load either. One of the yoga shop I visited that turned out only do female clothing told me to buy football (soccer) shorts. Yeah right! That might work fine for asthanga or whatever but for bikram honestly? If you’ve got suggestion for good online stores I’d love to hear about them.

Sorry kind of tired and ranting. I think I need this to be a movie and sleep night. Have fun people.

Class #5 – Back home

I tried out lynxofsilver‘s advice today for locking out the knee. It helped a lot, on fortunately I had no strength in the legs or core today so I couldn’t hold it. But much better, I think I’m starting to see where the locking is coming from. I started out really strong today, way too strong, and by party time I was completely drained. I almost had to sit out pavanamuktasana which is just ridiculous. Surprisingly my mind was all for the practice and was rearing on, and my breathing nice and calm. I take this as a sign that it’s time to up my calories intake, more food tomorrow, yeah!

Anyway today I did a visit by my ‘home’ studio in chiswick and had a class with Megan. As usual she did a solid class. Tomorrow is getting the people from work around for a class, if we can all make it to work. Sever weather warning, with risks of no public transport. I hope it will be fine, I’m really looking forward to tomorrows class.