Goodbye week 3 and welcome new me

Days: 22
Classes: 23/24

I just realised I haven’t added teachers this week. Monday was a Sanjai class, Tue Diane, Wed Yasmine, Thu Michelle.

Another double day today. Did the 6:30am with Simi to start of the day. I really enjoyed the morning class yesterday so I thought I’d do it again today. Had a ragged time getting in to quite some postures, no grace at all. But the body seems to be back in form and rewarded me with loads of energy. Managed every set of all postures (even locus was back) and my breathing was nice and steady.

Next week is going to be another challenge logistically so I might need a day or two from the bank. Got the week off work to work at an expo for my side business. That means loads of social commitments and late evenings. I’ve also got my dad and sister visiting.

The evening class was another candle lit with Sanjai. It was definitely more of a struggle than the morning one. The weak muscle was back, and it’s friend on the other side made a brief cameo. I guess I’ve been overcompensating.

On the positive side my body and I seem to have grown closer together. I’m no longer shocked at all these new muscles and things. I’m happy just accepting them as part of who I am now. So that’s one step on the ladder to one of the major hopes I had going in to this challenge. It’s the same with the practice, I’m much more relaxed about what kind of practice I have. It’s even been hard to write anything the last couple of days because it’s felt like there has been very little to say. A practice is a practice and does not need dwelling on.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye week 3 and welcome new me

  1. Sometimes the practices are “uneventful”. Those actually are just fine with me! Sounds like you will be busy next week and it will be a challenge for you to get your daily practices in. We will be cheering you on! Lucky for you, you’ve got a couple of classes “in the bank” Smart thinking!

  2. I will be cheering on you as well! Good luck with your side business.

    It’s also good that it has been a couple of weeks into the challenge as the training has become something daily and if something happenes you have some days in the bank.

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