Lock your knee

Days 99
Classes 116 (+8 advanced)
Teacher Natalie

Visited Bikram Yoga Richmond today, so that’s all the studios in England visited at least once now. They all have their own personality. There is only one that I don’t really like, I’m not going to shout it out because I know a lot of people don’t share my view. So it’s my personal opinion,  plus it’s not like I’d skip class if I was told I had to practice there. But as I was trying to say the rest are all nice, all in their own way. If you’ve never been to a class get down to your local studio and have a go.

As for my class today it was good stuff. Even got a compliment for my standing head to knee, I never would have expected that before the challenge started. I remember for the first 30 days in Jan standing in the showers after class thinking: “Thank god there is no teacher here yelling at me to lock the knee”. During the second month those thoughts started disappearing, and in the third month I actually started locking my knee. The first time I realised I was locking my knee in the shower kind of freaked me out. Maybe one of these days I’ll find myself rocking standing bow in the middle of a cornfield like some of my readers. 😉

Also found out that at the Richmond studio there is three more people doing the 101 challenge. Two starting 1st of Jan, one starting around the 12th. Only got to meet one of them, but it was nice to see some of the other compulsive yoga obsessive. If you are one of them and reading, congratulations the finish line is within sight.

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