Home practice

Days 96
Classes 113 (+8 advanced)
Teacher Me(?)

Had some things to take care of today so I decided to go for the 8pm class. Bad choice, got there 10 min early but it was already full. If it had been mon or wed it wouldn’t have been a problem (they have 9pm classes at other studios). But it being Tuesday I was left with no choice but a home practice.

The good news is that it was very humbling. I’ve got a whole new understanding of people less flexible. It was also a good insight into how much my practice has changed.

I think my definition of a troublesome class these days if fairly close to what I considered rockstar before the challenge started. Makes me wonder what my previous self would make of my current rockstar classes.

One thought on “Home practice

  1. Yeah, it is DIFFERENT cold, right? And you get more of a sense of where your “true” level is.

    I practiced at a pretty COLD world HQ yesterday cause they’ve just moved (to a much nicer place!) and they are still getting the heat working. So I did beginner and advanced at maybe 75 or 80 degrees, and it was interesting to say the least. (Bikram didn’t come, but poked his head in at the end to say, “we’re putting in the boiler tonight!” – haha.)

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