Look at that skyline

Days 95
Classes 111, 112 (+8 advanced)
Teacher Jo, Megan

Did a class with Jo this morning, she’s off for a week so last class with her in this challenge. It wasn’t the best of classes. I couldn’t get my breathing under control for some reason and it made the class feel so much hotter than I think it was. My hamstring and right hip was also still playing up. The final stretching was a less than enjoyable experience to put it mildly.

I then noticed that Megan was teaching at Bikram Yoga London Canary Wharf, haven’t been to her class in ages and it was one of the two remaining studios left to visit. So easy choice, make it a double and move one step closer to the finish line. It appears the warm up in the shape of the first class did the trick and I had no more hip or hamstring problems. It was a really nice solid class. I was slightly thrown by the thicker carpet and twice the thickness yoga matts. It was a great help in the balancing series but it just felt weird.

Canary Wharf is London’s skyscraper central, and the studio had a small row of windows above the mirrors overlooking the skyline. Now I love skyscrapers and was thinking how enjoyable this was going to be while I was in Pranayama, but that was the last I noticed of them before I left the studio. I must have been quite focused to forget something like that.

Final week, I guess it’s time to start thinking about what to do after the challenge. I think my hip might need at least two days off to get a rest. I’m impressed it’s held up as long as it has.