The lesson is there if you just open your eyes

Days 89
Classes 104 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Diane

I’m sure it won’t last very long but I seem to have fallen into a rhythm at the moment. Nice solid classes with no major drama. Been working on my focus and it’s coming along really well. Still a couple of patterns I need to break but over all much better.

I no longer feel like I have to kick out in standing head to knee. I know I can do it so I’d much rather wait until I’m sure I’ve got the set up right. Sure I do still have to come back down because my leg starts bending, but I guess it comes with the¬†territory.

As I mentioned yesterday my biggest distraction at the moment is when laying with the ear to the towel in cobra series. It wipes the sweat of so my ears get hot hot hot. Sometimes have to cool them with some water. I’m sure that would have sounded contra dictionary at the start of the challenge. I’m starting to love the sweat. On saturday I got to a point were I must have been to dehydrated, it felt like I couldn’t sweat enough to keep the body cool. It was the most horrible I’ve ever felt i class. The body unable to take care of itself. However I’m sure it helped with my new mindset. All those little tiny annoyances just seem so petty now.

There is always something positive to take from each class, and often more than one thing.