Stomach workout

Days 88
Classes 103 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Karen

It was back to normal today. Actually it was a rather easy class. Except for the fact that my ear have started burning after the cobra series recently it didn’t feel hot at all. I mean sure the room was hot and juicy, it just didn’t bother me today.

I had to go take Karen’s class today, haven’t been to one of her’s for months. It’s funny even with a daily practice it’s hard to manage to see all the teachers you’d like to. I guess there is only a limited number of time slots I can take. Maybe it’s also that I have way to many favourite teachers. Was double lucky today in that Fran had been teaching the class before and decided to stay to practice. Another person to help keep me honest in class. 🙂

Now my stomach muscles feels worked over in the most amazing way. I’m at lost for what I did different, but what ever it was I hope I do it tomorrow as well. Maybe it was the backbends, I’ve been focusing on using the front of the body in them. It makes a huge difference and doesn’t feel like you’re crunching yourself up the same way.