I think I’m turning into a camel

Days 86
Classes 101 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Emma

First back to back class in a week and it wiped the floor with me. Truely, I must have been really dehydrated, went through 4.5L of water during class (+a coconut water). Had 1.5 before and the same after. I’m still feeling thirsty, still got a slight headache.

Other then the water the class really re-aligned my body. I’m all kinds of stiff now.

In the second class I also bumped into one of the people from Barcelona. Nice suprise although I should have guessed it. She does work at the studio I went to. Oh yes went to a different studio then usual so it was a good opportunity to socialise some.

Meeting up with another person from Barcelona now. I can feel a yoga geek out day coming on. 🙂 Now if only I can figure out how to work those appendixes that sits bellow the hips I’ll be on my way.