Well that’s awkward

Days 85
Classes 100 (+6 advanced)
Teacher Jo

Did another class at Soho today. Jo teaching and she was taking no prisoners today. Pure will power kept me going into the postures after we hit the floor. It might have been slightly better if I would have had some water when hitting the floor. But held off and was struggling all through cobra series.

I guess a kick arse class was what I needed today. Get me set up for the weekend and reminding me that it’s not all fun and games. I was surrounded by lovely inspiring people in the class today which helped a bit.

I did an experiment this morning. Holding onto the edge of my bath tube I went down into first part awkward. Once I’d set up the legs exactly 90 degrees (both calfs and thighs) I slowly stretched forward while pulling my chest back. Releasing the tube I was then in a perfect awkward. Still can’t do it in class, but it felt good to see where that posture should be going too. It was also nice to see it wasn’t impossible.

3 thoughts on “Well that’s awkward

  1. Bath tub awkward! I love it! I am going to have to try that. I feel like that’s one of my stronger poses, but I can’t really get my back up very far in the first part.

  2. Hehe – I taught a friend of mine to do first part of awkward by actually having him SIT in a CHAIR… then pulled the chair away…

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