It’s the greatest moment of your life, man!

Days 83
Classes 98 (+6 advanced)
Teacher Yasmine

Back in business today, a nice relatively strong class. Focus wasn’t as good as I’d like but I blame it on having to spend more time thinking about my back.

I realised today that something has changed about the more challenging classes. I’m not sure what but they seem to be challenging in a different way then they were when I first started. Even if I feel like there is no way I’ll get through class I’m not worried about possibly leaving the room. Maybe it’s just that I’ve proven to myself so many times now that I can stay in the room no matter what. Also physically they feel different. I think maybe I’m starting to feel the nuances better. Just because back bending is challenging doesn’t mean forward bending will be. Or even just because it’s challenging in say cobra doesn’t mean camel will be the same.

As Tylor Durden would say I’m staying with the pain better. Not zoning it out, just accepting it and moving on to the next thing.

Stay with the pain, don’t shut this out!
Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. This is your pain! This is your burning hand! It’s right here! It’s the greatest moment of your life, man!

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