Finding the middle ground

Days 82
Classes 97 (+6 advanced)
Teacher Diane

Went to class today but took it very easy in all the back bends. Had a great class, focusing on minimising my fidgeting and made it the first no water class in ages. I’d say I managed to push between 50-70% in the back bending postures, so it was also a good practice of how to take it easy in class. I’ve been struggling with that, having no middle ground just all or nothing.

In standing bow I found that place where the balance of kicking and stretching is simultaneous and equal. Any imbalance in my standing leg didn’t matter, I just kicked more or stretched forward more.

2 thoughts on “Finding the middle ground

  1. I have found that when I relax into my practice, I have some of my best classes – focused and strong. I’m not fighting the postures or my mind. That’s when I’m likely to find that spot in bow…nice to see that isn’t it?

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