Posture summary redux

Days 80
Classes 95 (+6 advanced)
Teacher Jo

Had another yoga geek out session today. Did the morning class with one of the people I meet in Barcelona at her local studio. Jo was teaching so after we all went and had lunch. Loads of yoga talk and fond memories sharing.

Jo was kind enough to call out before class that this was my 101 class in a row. So it turned from a normal practice to a yoga demonstration. Felt obliged to do every set and do them as perfect as I possibly could. I’m just happy it was today and not yesterday. It was a rocking class although I was struggling in parts. It was as Bikram would say: “Like a indian marriage, NO CHOICE!”. I was so wiped out after class.

I went to see Alice in wonderland after class and heard this quote from the film:
“I can’t help you if you don’t even know who you are, stupid girl!”
It reminded me of Bikram in Barcelona being asked if his yoga could help you find your purpose in life:
“If you don’t know what you want, poor you. I can’t help you.”

I’ve been reminded a couple of times recently about how I always wanted to know what the people in the front row with the great practice think about their practice. It was the thing I wanted to know the most when reading other peoples blogs.

Not to blow my own horn but I guess with all the announcements in class the last few days I guess I might belong to that group now. So I think I owe it to other blog readers (and myself) to do another posture summary. Plus it’s rather fitting after class 101. If you missed it I did a posture summary at the start of the challenge as well. I’ll keep to the same headings to make it more interesting.

Pesky little postures:

  • Dandayamana Bibhaktapada Paschimotthanasana (Separate leg stretching)
    I don’t quite know why but this posture just don’t gel with me.
  • Janushirasana with Paschimotthanasana (Final stretching)
    I’ve started having a serious mental block against this posture. Even if the rest of the practice has been great I feel like this posture will be very painful. It never is but I can’t shake the expectation.

Average joes:

  • Garurasana (Eagle)
    I rock eagle first leg, second leg not so much. I’m sure it will even itself out with time, but for now it’s a major difference between the two.
  • Dandayamana-Janushirasana (Standing head to knee)
    Getting there, slowly but surely. It still needs a lot of work but progress is steady.
  • Dandayamana-Dhanurasana (Standing bow)
    Pretty much the same as standing head to knee. It’s getting there and I find something new in almost every class. But it still needs loads more work.
  • Tuladandasana (Balancing stick)
    Umm, how can I say this. I keep losing my balance. Even when the balance is there I’m of centre or have the hip to high. Some sets it’s rocking but it’s far from often.
  • Dandayamana-Bibhaktapada-Janushirasana (Standing separate legs head to knee)
    This posture even though it’s nice and deep and everything (fairly regularly lock out the knee) it still wipes me out almost every class. I don’t have a clue why but I always come up feeling much worse for wear. I’m trying to focus on the breathing to help it out, we’ll see.
  • Whole of the Cobra series
    This entire series is pretty much a white wash for me. Filler material in the middle that I hardly notice. Sure half locus is a little pesky, but it’s evened out by the other posture being nice and relaxing. Bow you can always talk yourself into because it’s the last real power posture.
  • Ustrasana (Camel)
    Much much better than it used to be. It still brings up it’s emotions in some classes but most classes it’s just another posture.
  • Ardha-Matsyendrasana (Spine twisting)
    I really should work harder at this posture but it’s just there at the end when you are ready to give up and go home. Not bad, not great.

Those beloved savasana extentions:

  • Tadasana (Tree)
    Thanks Bikram for giving me a chance to slow down before hitting the floor. It’s so important to not lay down with your heart at maximum rate since you’ll miss out on the energy you’ll get from that long savasana.
  • Pavanamuktasana (Wind removing)
    Been working on this posture the last few days. I’m sure there is more to be had here if I just bring some intensity, so more work needed.
  • Ardha-Kurmasana (Half-tortiose)
    What can I say, it’s just like savasana, but up side down and with extended arms.

Super stars:

  • Ardha-Chandrasana with Pada-Hastasana (Half-moon)
    Sure there is a lot more depth that can be had here, but all in due time. I’ve been working on precision lately and I think it’s really paying off. Opening (/lifting) up the chest and not collapsing into the lower back. It sounds so simple but it’s tougher than you’d think.
  • Utkatasana (Awkward)
    This posture is definitely coming together nicely. Somedays I even feel like I’m an unmovable mountain while in this pose. Nothing could tumble me. Other days I get humbled for such thought and fall out all by myself. 🙂
  • Trikanasana (Triangle)
    I’m loving triangle, it’s really one of my favourites. Triangle and rabbit, I would pay for class just to do those two.
  • Padangustasana (Toe stand)
    Still need to work on straightening my spine but otherwise it’s a solid posture.
  • Supta-Vajrasana (Fixed firm)
    Sit back and relax I think is how I describe this posture in my head during class. Sure some days my hips don’t like it much but it’s almost always a solid posture. If only I could work out how to increase the curvature of my spine it would be even better.
  • Sasangasana (Rabbit)
    Ahh, my beloved Rabbit. Come to save the day at the end. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where the shoulders should go. “Lift your shoulders up towards the ceiling” isn’t quite clear enough. I’m trying two different version of lifting the shoulders at the moment. One seems to be winning so I’m sure it’ll work itself out.

There you have it kids. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Posture summary redux

  1. Oh yeah, I remember the last time you did this! I think I “met” you when I picked a fight over balancing stick. 😀 Summaries are pretty fun. I haven’t written anything like this in a million years. I used to write postures notes every day when I was a newbie. Maybe I should do a lil pre-training summary, even if it’s just for my own records!

  2. I always get something out of your posts, Johan. The Alice in Wonderland thing is great, and you hit the nail on the head: I want to know what othe rpeople are thinking about their practice! But it can be hard to go in depth in real life if you don’t have a really tight studio. You definitely are part of that group now, Johan! (not that I have any authority 😉

    p.s. I bet the postures are ALL “pesky” at one time or another, but your peskies are my peskies. I’m scared in forward bends. Maybe it’s cause there’s no limit to where you can go, maybe it’s the years in Ashtanga (excessive forward bending, imho–left me with many a sore back), but something holds me back and frightens me in them. Hey, I got a blog post in there somewhere 😉

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