What you have to prepare for doubles??

Days 74
Classes 84, 85 (+6 advanced)
Teacher Sanjai, Elizabeth

First class today was really great, especially awkward where I found some new space and felt so stable, like nothing would be able to knock me over I just kept going deeper and deeper. Of course that meant I fell over in the second class as I got over confident.

After the first class I forgot that it was only 15 min between classes instead of the usual 30min so I faffed around a bit to much and didn’t get enough to drink. By tree pose I was getting dizzy so I gulped down water at an insane rate for the rest of class. The dehydration also effected some of the postures in the later parts of class so I had to sit some sets out. But I did a minimum of first set in every poster second class so still rather good.

I guess in a way I’ve gotten so used to doubles that I forgot you kind of have to prepare for them. Oh well a lesson learnt. Hopefully a double tomorrow and then no more doubles planned (except for Fridays extravaganza). Yay for getting to the end of this mini challenge.

In the second class the teacher came over and helped weight my body down in last part of first set wind removing and it made such a difference. Only one vertebra left up of the floor in the lower back. As icing on the cake I managed to bring myself to the same place second set without the help, awesome!

4 thoughts on “What you have to prepare for doubles??

  1. That’s cool you got the adjustment, Johan. Is it customary for your teachers to give adjustments like that? At my main studio, I have never been touched by a teacher, except once. I almost wish they’d do so more often… I miss that from Ashtanga.

  2. Oh, only 15 mins?? thats very brave! I have a hard time doing the back to backs with 30 mins in between. I just sweat too darn much. My ears get plugged during that second class because I’m still dripping like rain from the first. Yes, you are right….we do have to prepare! You are doing awesome! I”m so inspired by your doubles! Thank you!

  3. E, I wouldn’t say customary. Some teachers will do hands on corrections but only if they know beforehand that you are okay with it. I think it’s part of the code of ethics that your not supposed to touch anyone. So if you would like corrections speak to your teacher before class and make it clear that you are okay with it.

    BYC, the shorter timeframe almost makes it easier, less time to start thinking about expectations.

  4. how do you prepare for back-to-backs? Gah! I’ve done 2 in a day but, today will be my first consecutive. Oh man…p.s. I love this blog!

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