Sweetheart your knee still shaking

Days 58
Classes 64
Teacher Raj

Had a decent class today which was nice. New (for me) teacher as well. He kept trying to get us to focus on the locking the core, almost made me feel like I was in an asthanga class. All good and something I really needed. I’ve been slacking on my bhandas because they aren’t mentioned in the dialogue.

He also spoke bout how teachers always try to build the posture into a 5 sec cresendo at the end. It was one of the subjects I considered talking about in my guest post on the main 101 blog. The beginning of postures are all about breath and alignment, you only go for depth in the last 10-5 second. Diane refer to this as B.A.D. (breath, alignment, depth). For my draft the other week I wrote the following:
Standing bow is physically the minor posture of the standing series. But personal development wise it’s the most important analytical tool we have. The posture is of two parts. A balancing meditation act for the first 50 seconds, followed by an energetic push the like of tuladanasa in the last 10 seconds.

What I was trying to say was you can tell so much about a person just by watching their standing bow. I know this is true of the entire series but it seems extra refined there. Maybe it’s because it’s really easy to see what everybody else is doing in this posture so you start comparing yourself.

I’ve got bikrams class cd on the iPhone and it keeps popping up at the funniest of places. Yesterday I was listening to this really up beat party song, just after it ended Bikrams voice comes in with “Party over, standing head to knee”. Today it was a song with the chorus going “you ain’t doing nothing, nothing” followed by savasana.