Snake oil or Emergen-C

Days 57
Classes 63
Teacher Andrew

Had a fairly good class today, a little stiff but otherwise fine. Have had a couple of different teachers telling me recently to life my chest more in the half-moon backbend. So I’ve been focusing on that, not going as deep anymore but I hope it’s more correct now. However my lumbar spine was a bit sore today, I wonder if it’s because of the change there or if it’s something else.

The other day at work we had a presentation by David McCandless who works on information visualisation. Very interesting, but maybe not so topical to yoga. However one thing that he showed was this graph that he’d made of his research into healthy living. Specifically supplements and there proven benefits, thought provoking:
there is a interactive version as well if you want to filter by specific issues.

2 thoughts on “Snake oil or Emergen-C

  1. i have been working on lifting my chest in the backbend and every time i do this pose, i think of what i do in camel: i imagine the harness around my chest lifting me up into the air. you will lose the depth in your backbend but you’ll be using your entire back not just depending on your lower back.

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