Yoga truck car park

Days 56
Classes 62
Teacher Jessica

Had the yoga truck parked firmly above me in class today. Had no energy and my brain kept telling me I didn’t want to be there. I think that’s only the second time so far this challenge I really haven’t been in the mood to be in the room. At least that’s done and past, I feel fine now and I’m rearing for tomorrows class.

“This is a combination of Rabbit Pose, and Balancing Stick”. I’ve been noticing these part of the dialogue more recently. Thinking about how much the postures are the same. All the head to knee postures have their basis in the head compression of rabbit. All the balancing series is based on tree. It’s started making me see the class in a non-linear way. Messing with my mind slightly. The relationship between Pada Hastasana and Paschimotthanasana especially is playing with me. Speaking of Pada Hastasana, yesterday in the second class second set I managed to lock my knees for the first time in this posture. I don’t think I’m at the stage of being able to do it regularly yet but yay!

6 thoughts on “Yoga truck car park

  1. I don’t think I got what this was last time, but I sure do now. We were reading at work when you left, and now I’m reading more that i’m at home. It’s so interesting. I’m finding it quite inspirational. Did I read it right and you did four classes in one day at the weekend? I guess, I can ask you when I see you tomorrow.

    It’s weird, even though we speak about your practice regularly, reading your opinions unedited/diluted by conversation makes them more powerful, clearer and revealing.

  2. OH yeah. That’s a great mind trip, when you start noticing how all the pieces interact and overlap. There’s a LOT of that stuff. The series really start to look like ONE single unit after a while… and *I* still don’t think that I know the *half* of it yet!!

  3. Jason, I think I know what you mean with the inspiration. I read Jenn’s TT blog before starting this one, it was so great. As for the four classes, unfortunately no. I did a double Sat and another Sun.

    J, It’s everywhere, it’s crazy. 🙂 I was just to tired to expand on the point yesterday. What really got me started on it was on the class cd Bikram mentions that Janushirasana was really just like rabbit.

  4. The part of all postures linking into eachother is so super dupber interesting and really poking out to me as well. Guess it is a part of doing the pistures so regularly.

  5. Hi There, I’m your new follower. Just started blogging about my new yoga adventure, Bikram. Hope you visit my blog and be yoga blog friends. I do enjoy reading your blog posts. Namaste

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