New marketing drive

Days 55
Classes 60, 61
Teacher Yasmine, Liz

Short quick post today. Did another double, just felt so good in the first class I decided to stay for the late class. Had a little bit less energy than I expected in the second class. But than again I only had a zico in between, nothing to eat. So I guess it wasn’t that strange. Both classes were absolutely filled beginners, 19 in the first class and 8 (out of ~25) in the second (apparently the studio just started running a new ad). I was trying really hard to be a good example in the first class. I hope I did the same in the second but my yoga brain refuses to let me remember. I spent a fair bit of time talking to the beginners afterwards, trying to convince them that coming often was a good way to start their practice, and giving them small tips for their next class. From the sounds of it a lot if not most of them will be back, awesome. One quote from the gents changing room after:

“That was sooo tough, I couldn’t even do half of it. But it just felt like me. I can’t explain it, it just feels right.”

How can you not love beginners on days like that?

Yesterday towards the end of second set of Camel Diane said: “Everybody in the front row, great posture. Really good posture all of you.”. Boy was I beaming after that, one can be so vein some times. 🙂

One thought on “New marketing drive

  1. I love praise, too! Way to go on a double JUST FOR FUN! I don’t know what that’s like! LOL! I work harder to be conscientious when beginners are around me. I want them to see the yoga done right, with good effort. Some people have such sloppy, bad habits. I don’t want them watching that!
    -Bikram Believer

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