Survival is not mandatory

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I found the following quote today while reading up on stuff at work. It’s from esteemed business process guru Deming. He’s talking about business but to me it’s about yoga.

β€œIt’s not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” — William Edwards Deming

You know what, he’s right. We can’t convince everybody to join our journey, and even for the once that do it doesn’t mean that the yoga will necessarily be anything other than a exercise. We are not all ready to change. But if you take a hindu or buddhist look at it that is fine. What can’t be healed this lifetime can be worked on in the next. At least we are planting seeds towards a brighter future. Even if you take a christian view not everyone can be saved, there will always have to be the choice to make. It’s by making a choice that we prove our worth, not by getting things handed to us. We are day in, day out making a active choice towards a healthier and more aligned life for ourself. Sometime’s it easy to loose focus of that.

It’s too easy to let outside distractions in. For example letting work come before your practice. How many times in your life have you answered the question “What would you choice, health or wealth?” to yourself? Yet presented with the simple option of finishing a report or going to class how often have you chosen the opposite of what your answer to that question was? How many of those times were the selected route really that important in hindsight? Was it really that important that the report was on someones desk at 12 instead of 2pm? I’m not saying you have to make one choice or the other, or that one is more ‘right’. I just think we need to be more aware of those choices when we make them. Maybe there is more to the meaning of the Chosen people the bible talks about.

Now I hope I haven’t offended every religious or spiritual reader I have. I’ll be back to regular updates shortly.

6 thoughts on “Survival is not mandatory

  1. Thank you for a great post that gives me plenty to think about. It is, to me, an inspiring way to look at practice, to see it as choosing well-being, consciously. I like that.

  2. Thank you for sharing this thoughtful insight. It’s interesting how, when we really think about it, we have so many choices. But how many of them are we really utilizing to the most potentially beneficial way? It takes insight to realize that we have the freedom to choose and change… and it takes courage to really be honest with ourselves about what truly is the best choice. Very thought-provoking post.

  3. “Being aware of choices when we make them…” Yup. πŸ™‚

    Diane has a fabulous quote over the door to her studio (or at least had, the last time I was there) that said, “Change is mandatory. Growth is optional.” Same idea.

  4. Thanks. I was worried I was coming through to abrasive in my language after I re-read the post. But you seem to have gotten the point.

    lz, “it takes courage to really be honest”. I knew there was a deeper layer this post could be taken to. Thank you that will give me something more to think about.

  5. Yes indeed. Everything we do is a choice and every day we choose to renew or reject the previous day’s choices. We choose how to feel, how to respond to situations/people/events. We choose to stay in or leave healthy or unhealthy relationships. We choose to stick our head in the sand and expend our energy in denial or we choose to confront the truth contained in our hearts and expend our energy staying true to ourselves. Nice post.

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