Yoga as a cure for yoga exertion

Days 53
Classes 58
Teacher Sanjai

Darn I was suffering from this weekends yoga debauchery and last night lack of sleep today at work. Also felt a cold coming on, so I was close to skipping todays class. But I figured if I just got to the studio than at least I’d tried and it didn’t matter if I had to spend all the class in savasana. Well the body surprised me and threw in a gorgeous class, every set included. My back was really sore in the sit-ups and in Camel [Your back is hurting? Good for you!], but sorted itself out in Rabbit. Other than that it was fine. I’m not sure where the energy was coming from as all day I’ve been in the verge of collapse. But any which way now I feel a 1,000 times better. I better get some proper sleep tonight and take it easy again tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Yoga as a cure for yoga exertion

  1. Oddly enough, I’ve had some really good classes when I’m tired/sore. Funny how that works.

  2. love these types of classes, you never know what to expect. glad your feeling good. rabbit usually is the one that gets me in a bit of a kink with my neck and back, not sure if im putting to much pressure on my head but camel is so good when my back is hurting.

  3. I dunno HOW many times I’ve said it to other people (or to myself) – the best cure for “too much yoga” is sometimes “MORE YOGA”! 🙂

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