Can I be the peace that I want to see in the world?

Days 52
Classes 56 & 57
Teacher Simi, Megan

“Yoga has a wisdom that’s been passed down for more than 6,000 years. And it helps to guide my everyday life. As I’ve grown deeper in my practice there is one question that keeps coming up for me which is this: Can I be the peace that I want to see in the world?” — Michael Franti

Did another double today. Was planning a back to back in the evening, than noticed Simi was teaching the morning class. Thought I’d try for the tripple but it wasn’t to be. Had almost no energy in the first class. But figured if I got a big lunch and a nap I could still have a decent double in the evening. Not so, couldn’t eat enough or fall asleep. So reset the alarm and promptly fell a sleep (what’s up with that). Made it with plenty of time for Megan’s class at Bikram Yoga City. Haven’t been to one of Megan’s classes for about a month so it was a nice treat. The second class was much better. I did have the overly flexible body with less strengh issue and was sweating worse then ever. I’ve never had those issues with doubles before so it was a new challenge. Sat out one set of standing separate legs stretching because my knee was hurting, but otherwise did all the sets. Much better than the yoga train wreck of a morning class.

Had dinner with a friend after the late class and she was asking what the purpose of the challenge was, what is the change I hope to see out of it. Hence the quote above. I think it really is time to start working on my goals. I know now that I can make them come true, now it up to me to dream big enough to set the stage for the type of tomorrow I want to see.

Have you set yourself goals other than physical once, if so what are they? That’s a good blog subject for you all.

3 thoughts on “Can I be the peace that I want to see in the world?

  1. BYC, looking good on the stats isn’t it. But I promise there is a master plan behind all those extras. Not trying to make everyone else feel left behind.

    Cristina, true, true. But there is still a valid point for documenting them so you can review how your values have changed through out the practice. Sometimes we even find that we achieve the goals we’ve left behind later (almost without trying) just by documenting them at the time.

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