Right here, right now

Days 51
Classes 54 & 55
Teacher Razia, Samanth

Managed the impossible today and did a back to back in two different studios. Had planned to visit both studios, but was a bit slow to start today so the only way I was going to make that was to do the last two classes. Luckily one studio started class 30 min later than the other, so Bikram Yoga West and then Bikram Yoga North today.

For the first class when I walked in my first reaction was Kindergarden! Not sure why but it wasn’t very settling for a place where you are about to do 90 minutes of meditation. Maybe I should be bigger than this but I couldn’t help myself today, I just had way to much fun showing off. Maybe it was because the teacher read off my name as a beginner at the start. Had so much fun I almost forgot to drink water, only after party time was finished did I remember I was planning a back to back. Considering how much effort I put into the first class I half expected the second one to be a write off. No such problem though, it was just as strong was shocked to find myself in Rabbit realising I’d almost finished 4 sets of 26 postures in four hours, and I still had energy to spare.┬áThe biggest problem was getting between the studios, but made it with just enough time to say hi to the teacher before she walked into the studio. I hope this will lead to a solid nights sleep.

After class I went to a pizza chain close to the studio that I haven’t been to for about 5-6 years. Celebrated the halfway point in style with apple juice, broccoli and pizza. This is a place that does proper italian style pizzas not the horrible (okay not horrible but in comparison) english type. Half the challenge done, and if you’d have told me before the start that I would be ahead at this point I’d probably laugh at you. I’m so impressed with myself I can’t describe it. To top it off in just over a week I’ll be having classes with Bikram, Rajashree & Emmy, a dream come true.

In the second class today at cobra I realised there was no other place I would rather be at that time, it was such a lovely feeling. It’s not often we get to be totally at peace with our place in the universe. The feeling lasted the rest of the class, beautiful. The teacher said something similar to this at a savasana later on in class:

We spend so much time trying to get peace and stillness in our lives, but then we don’t know what to do with it. So we come to yoga to learn how to appreciate it.

I leave you with this little video clip I found. For those of us that have a bit to much attachments to the look of our asanas. If you keep letting go and practice regularly hopefully you’ll have a practice like this when you turn 9:

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  1. Wow, so great!! I’m so happy for you! You are seriously on a roll, and that’s right, you get to meet Bikram soon! I’m psyched that the Barcelona seminar came through for you guys!!

    And yeah, I first saw that video years ago. It’s quite a trip. I can only watch about 15 seconds of it at a time.

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