Stuff your face and enjoy the benefits

Days 50
Classes 53
Teacher Sanjai

At almost twice as much for breakfast and lunch today compared to normal day. Had a solid 3 hours deep sleep according to the iphone. I guess it was just what the body needed. Had a very decent class today, good energy throughout and I think I was focused as well. Got a awesome correction in balancing stick, I’ve been having problem balancing in it recently. Held it solidly all four set today. Standing seperate leg stretching (why can’t this posture have a nice short name) I finally found out just how much of a difference the width of the legs makes. First set I took a much wider step then usual and ended up with the head about 1″ from the floor. Second set my hips were complaining so I brought the step in 1-2″ maybe, all of a sudden I was 1′ of the floor.

I think I figured out what happened yesterday, other than just being tired and low on food. I did a 6:30am the day before and yesterday was a 8pm class. 36 hours between classes, I’ve not had a gap that big this year. That would explain the stiffness. So lesson for later, if doing am class one day don’t do late class the next. Also eat more and don’t let things steal your peace when it’s time to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Stuff your face and enjoy the benefits

  1. Food is good 🙂 one awesome benefit about Bikram yoga is that we get to eat more 😀 and our bodies naturally crave what we truly need. That’s fantastic about your standing separate leg stretching! (I agree. It does need a shorter name. Maybe SSLS? 🙂

  2. gotta love those “ah ha” moments with postures, correcting alignment and form, its so amazing. yeah food is always been a huge weakness, not it seems to be double that lol. but I eat double the food but much healhier choices. dont you love when teachers give some much needed corrections like the balancing stick? my hips are never down far enough and this posture is a hit and miss for me, Im either all for it or feel like I wanna fall down.

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