The microscope of the mind

Days 32
Classes 34
Teacher Sanjai

Nice ordinary class today. I was of balance in the balancing series and kept falling to the side. I’ve noticed this recently and I’m still trying to figure out what it’s about. At least it’s better than the period I had when mentally I thought I was out of alignment. For example I just couldn’t get my hips straight in half moon, even before the start of the posture. That was a weird period. I assume it means there was some realignment between the body and mind going on. I was a very conscious of my body today and noticed major changes in quite a few postures. The back bending postures I’ve now moved from having all my bend coming from the lower back up to the middle back, progress. I’ve been listening to Bikram’s class cd today and the part about the separate legs stretching head to knee not being a stretching posture hit a nerve. Moved my focus into the back and voila new posture. Now I understand why somedays it’s the easiest thing to get the leg straight and somedays I almost need a 45 degree angle on the knee. Those days I just use the back correctly.

Had my first (ever?) emotional posture in head to floor first set. I kept coming back to this meeting with an old friend a couple of years ago at a pub. For some reason I was convinced that the failure to deal with that event was what had been blocking me in this posture all this time. Had a much better time with it in second set. Strangely enough it was a positive event so it will take some time to figure out how I was supposed to deal with it.

Sanjai said something today but I can’t remember the exact quote. It was along the lines of:
The distractions we deal with in class, those same distractions are precent all day in our life outside of class. It’s just that in class they boil up to the surface and we are forced to face them. We need to bring that same focus we try to use in class to calm them down into our normal life as well.
– This rang a bell with me. We often think of our yoga practice as where we deal with events somehow (randomly) created out of our life rather than events directly from our lives. But if we think of it instead as just a microscope under which we can study our own mind hopefully we can find a purer understanding of what happens in class.

5 thoughts on “The microscope of the mind

  1. so true! In our daily lives, we often don’t notice our distractions, but in class, we are forced to be aware of them. But acknowledgement is good, because it is what precedes fixing our distractions. đŸ™‚

  2. I agree with Lz! Thanks for sharing the quote from your teacher. I am constantly grateful for this yoga’s ability to make us face ourselves, and then to give us this tool to fix what’s out of line :- )

  3. wow, a lot was going through your mind and when I read this posting, I realize how much goes through mine. Interesting you brought up a memory of something dating back two years and how it intertwines with the physical and emotional “block” your feeling in class. Lots of great ideas you present, really gets me thinking.

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