Days 29
Classes 31
Teacher Andrew

It was a bit premature saying that hell week was over. Was supposed to go pick up my printer and vacuum cleaner at the show then go for lunch with my dad. But got roped into loading a truck instead. Didn’t make it out until 6pm which meant 7pm was the only class I could make. I had nothing to eat all day, and nothing to drink the last 6 hours. Great way to start a class. So a banana and a sports drink to the rescue and of we go. I figured I’d better get a place in the back row, but no such luck. Sanjai was there to take class and sent me to front row, right in front of the podium. I was lacking in energy (duh!) so I had to sit out some sets, but otherwise it was a nice class.

This week has presented me with an unbelievable number of reasons to skip class. But even with classes in the bank I’ve managed to drag myself to class. Every single time I’ve felt better for it. Part of the resolve has been that I know as soon as I’ve had one day off it becomes easier to justify the next day and so on.