30 classes done

Days 28
Classes 30
Teacher Jessica

This is what 30 consecutive classes feel like, awesome! Just another 71 to go. 🙂 I know I’m two days ahead so I haven’t quite finished a 30 day challenge yet but we are getting there. The good news is I’m still loving the yoga and looking forward to the next 30 days (I better remember that).

Had class with Jessica today whose classes I’ve somehow managed to miss since the first week. I remember now why I enjoy her classes so much. Loads of little tips for the entire room and individual corrections for people. A good demonstration of the Bikram grip today. I had no clue I didn’t have that right.

Realised on the way home that I’d only had one slice of pizza to eat all day, and that was before lunch. I did a 8pm class. No wonder I felt like I was lacking in energy. I thought I was going to fall asleep between cobra sets. So I put more energy into locus and almost re-injured myself. I’ve figured out how I did it now. One muscle get caught by the arm, so half of it over stretches and the other half bunches up as a ball. I’ll need to keep an eye on that in the future.

Got the laptop home again today, so I can finally comment on blogs again. For some reason it didn’t work while using the 3G stick. Also hopefully my schedule will return to some resemblance of normality again tomorrow. Hell week is over and 30 classes done, yeah!

3 thoughts on “30 classes done

  1. Good job done!
    My hellish weeks are over as well and we are just cleaning up the last mess now and would then hopefully go into some more normality.
    I’m looking forward to have some more time to just think and contemplate over yoga and not just see to that i have clean towels and such.

  2. You are a rockstar! I’m still two behind, but now that I’m not getting my arse straight kicked in that room, I’m feeling strong enough for some doubles in my near future.
    keep it up!

  3. Two ahead! Congrats I only do doubles to make up for ones I missed, not to stay ahead of the game. You might have moments where it may seem tough(er), some classes may appear longer, etc but you have a stong mindset so I wouldn’t be too worried about having to remember how great it feels to complete a month. This reminds me that I have doubles to do tomorrow lol.
    One thing I’ve never mentioned is my troubles with locust, I have had problems with straightening my arms under my ribcage/hips so when I lift my legs up I seem to be angled or my arms are not stretched down far enough. It is a great learning tool though to see what is off about your form so you can correct it in the future. Again, good job, maybe enjoy a day off?

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