Love the camel

Days 27
Classes 29
Teacher Yasmine

Was so sure I wouldn’t be able to make class today. Missed the chance this morning and the the evening was pack full with commitments. But I managed to convice people I wasn’t needed for a meeting I really should have been at. So found some time. I’m so glad it worked out, it was another solid class. In the last few classes I’ve found myself really loving and looking forward to camel. Now that is progress if ever I’ve seen some. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Love the camel

  1. I remember I started Bikram Yoga with the intention that yoga would work it’s way around my life, now my life revolves around my yoga lol. As much as I try to balance both worlds, I suppose we all have to prioritize our commitments, as we never know what the results may be. Camel to me, really depends on how strong I was in the rest of the class but thats great that you look forward to it, I have learned just to take one class at a time or else I have too many expectations.

  2. amber I can so relate to the comment about life changing to revolve around yoga. And sure you are right about how we look at classes changes from day to day. But the thing is I’ve now had 4 classes in a row where I’ve been looking forward to it, I’ve never had anything other than negative thought about it before. That’s what I meant by progress. 🙂

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