The morning was early

Days 26
Classes 28

Another solid class with Simi as teacher this morning. Was able to let go of everything else today and just focus on the class which was nice. The good news was that the new savasana from yesterday was still there. I was set up closed to the corner in the front row and I think our little group (the people on either side and I) had some awesome energy. It almost felt like a little party in the corner. I would have invited the rest of the room but I was to focused on not paying attention to other parts of the room.

I can’t believe I’m on class 28 already, it feels like we started yesterday and soon the first month will have passed.

3 thoughts on “The morning was early

  1. Interesting about your savasana. Good. The other day, one of my teachers was literally pulling someone’s leg in order to realign her femurs and hips, to make her savasana ‘flatter.’

  2. “little party in the corner” – Nice! It’s incredible when you are surrounded by positive energy. Sharing good vibes!

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