Now start to bless you

Days 25
Classes 27

Today was an amazing class. I decided that I’ve had to many excuses (fair enough they’ve been valid) recently so today I had to sharpen up. Target for the class was not to sit out any set. Target achieved! But to add to that I had more than a hand full of postures where I found a totally new place today. Including for some strange reason savasana, I’ve thought I had a straight back (some of the time) in savasana before, but today after wind removing it was as if the floor became water and just invited each and every cell of my backside on to it, amazing feeling. In standing head to floor it felt like I found another 10″ towards the floor (it’s more likely it was only 1-2″). It’s the first time I’ve felt close to touching the head. Another strange one was rabbit. First set I was so stiff I could hardly get the head to knees, in the second set it felt the opposite as if I could almost have gotten the forehead to the pelvis. But I didn’t feel anything change in between. Both today’s and yesterday’s class was with Simi, who’s class I seem to always manage to catch. Maybe it’s not that strange I think she’s the busiest teacher there.

I’ve decided yesterdays class was just a major detox thing. Lord knows I could do with one. Speaking of which, even though I specifically made it not part of the challenge to stay of booze so far I’ve had non. Now I might as well stay of it for the rest of the first 30. Can’t remember the last time I didn’t drink for 30 consecutive days, but I’m sure it’s at least 10 years ago. How are you all doing, I’m sure we’ve got a nice split of people? I definitely don’t begrudge people their evening wine but it’s interesting to hear peoples views.

Simi had this beautiful moment in class today, that made me think about things slightly different for a while. “*girl sneezing* Bless you. Now start to *sneeze* bless you…” the timing was impeccable and I think she did it on reflex. It was nice to think about blessing yourself instead of bending your knee. In a way I guess it was a gentle reminder of why we do this practice. Every day we go to bless ourself, to worship at the temple of our bodies to the spirits of our mind and soul.

5 thoughts on “Now start to bless you

  1. I’ve definitely seen a change in my palette. I haven’t craved coffee since the challenge and now I’m trying to see if I can skip black teas too and go herbal. I just love holding a warm mug in my hand so I don’t know. As for alcohol, I haven’t really looked for it and the time I did have two glasses of wine, I was sick and on antibiotics and I ate crappy food so the combination of it all made me feel like crap the next day. I also notice that I am not reaching for a lot of meat but instead a lot more grains and veggies.

    You are right about blessing ourselves. Two of my teachers makes us pause when we transition from toe stand to 2-minute savasana by saying something to the effect of, “Honor yourself for a strong standing series.” I like that they make us aware to take a moment to bless ourselves and feel gratitude.

  2. I used to sometimes join friends at a pub after yoga, have a beer or a mixed drink. It’s been a long time though…I just don’t feel like drinking any more.
    It is inspiring to read about the progress you’re making. It’s so great when good changes become apparent all of a sudden.

  3. I took some beers yesterday and my body did NOT like it at all. Interesting differense from the other day when I drank a glass of wine and it was fine.

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