Me and my dreams have a date

Days 23
Classes 25

Had a decent class today, had to take it a bit easier then usual to save the healing muscle and recoup after yesterdays double. Don’t know who was teaching the class today, it was someone I’ve had before but I can’t remember the name. She didn’t introduce herself before class and it wasn’t the teacher that should have had class so I couldn’t just check the board.

After 3 classes in less then 26 hours, followed by 12 hours of hard physical work I’m now officially beat for the day. I’m a desk person any physical work is a shock, 12 hours madness. I don’t care my normal bedtime isn’t for hours. I’m of to lala land. And best of all, more of the same tomorrow. I wonder what tomorrows practice will be like I could be really stiff, have no energy or have one of those rockstar classes. Right now I can’t tell it could go either way. That’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?

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