The changes fade away

Days 91
Classes 106 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Jessica

I spent a lot of time today after class talking about my challenge with various people and the following dawned on me. The further this challenge goes the less I notice the changes to my practice, but the more those same changes are apparent to other people. It’s a weird paradox that the more people notice and start taking an interest in my practice the less I seem to remember about what happened and when. In a way it makes me extra grateful that I’ve been updating the blog daily. I’ll have something to look back at and hopefully help me remember.

So on that note in today’s class I was really ┬ádistracted. I just could not keep my focus and some posture were struggling for it. Still some postures were better then usual, balancing stick comes to mind. I was also suffering from a stiff right hip which made among others fixed firm interesting.

3X30 done

Days 90
Classes 105 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Yasmine

Brought another friend with me today. It was time for another sacrifice to the yoga gods to see me through the last few days of the challenge. It was another nice solid class today, nothing much to report. The postures are stabilising for the moment. The underside of my feet are killing me in the balancing series. Not sure what that is about. Maybe I haven’t been walking enough during the winter, should plan a nice long walk some time soon.

Oh yes I just realised we are done with the third and final 30 day challenge.