Good morning, day

Did an early morning class today. It feels so nice to wake up properly with a nice hot class. Not much to say about it. The body is healing nicely and I managed to bring one set of Locus back again. Standing bow is coming along fine, I’ve been focusing on just balancing for the entire posture without falling out.

A question for you other 101’ers out there. If there was a way of never getting that hot feeling again in class, would you take it? Not that I do have one, I just think the question is interesting.

Flowers brings smiles

Days: 20
Classes: 21

Another nice solid class. Seem to be healing fine from the strain, and was able to push about 15-20% harder today than yesterday. The girl from work came along again today, I should add she went on Friday as well but to a different class than me. It was nice to see what a difference the first few classes make, such improvement.

Had a teacher I haven’t had before today, and I think it was the first time ever I heard someone use the “like a flower petal blooming” line from the dialogue. It brought a little smile to my face. Maybe that’s why it’s there.

I have a theory about the dialogue. I think all those little strange expressions are there for a reason. When we hear them we mentally freeze on that line and spend some extra time processing it, this will make us remember it and the area just before it better. Making the words sink in deeper. Some day I’d like to have a class with perfect dialogue just to see what difference it would make.

Reconnect with the yoga

Days: 19
Classes: 20

I don’t have words to describe how good I feel about todays class. Sure my hip and knee is sore, the strain from yesterday is still there and I’ve got the onset of a cold. But non of that matters. All that matters is I went to class and I felt better for it. Even with all the excuses in the world, and with a class in the bank I could have claimed. I chose not to be lazy, maybe that’s it there in that word chose. For the last couple of days I’ve just been going to class, today I chose to go to class. I had a choice I made it.

Today kept going back to that quote from fight club. “After fight club everything else in life gets the volume turned down.” It’s true for the bikram too. Have you noticed it yet? All those little things that seemed so important just a couple of weeks ago now carry no weight at all.

A quote from yesterdays class I forgot in all my self pitying:
“If you can avoid fidgeting for the entire 90 minutes of class one day, you can avoid it outside for the rest of your life. No matter what happens.”

That bites

First off to those people searching for bikram no water, you are better of reading Mary Jarvis blog or visiting the global yoga website. Or since you are interested in Bikram, please feel free to start reading this blog from the beginning. Not at all my intention to pop up that high on google for the term so I’ll stop tagging the posts from now on.

Days: 18
Classes: 19

Today started out as one if my best ones ever. Not because I had a rockstar class not even close. But I was truly doing each posture with love and not going for depth. This was working excellent until second set locus when the rightside Psoas major snapped, ouch! I guess the double yesterday came back to bite me. So much for my preaching yesterday about just healing. There is of course the option that this was something my body needed to be able to heal. Discussed it after class and it should be fine to try a class tomorrow as long as I take it easy. I ought to sit out locus for a couple of days though, oh the misery! 🙂 This did present me with an opportunity to bring out the Yoga anatomy book. Where I found a couple of small things I need to correct in my practice.

Class #17 & 18 – Stretching and bending is called torture

Days: 17
Classes: 18

Both classes were almost on the level of hot savasana. I managed a minimum of first set in every posture so I’ll count them. After all the important thing is just getting into the room right? I’m not sure why I decided to do the second class considering how the first one went. But party time, my first double and I survived!

Quote from class #17 “Stretching and bending is called torture. Unless it is done with breathing, then it is called Yoga.”

On a separate note I normally try to avoid reading any of the other blogs before I write my post for the day but today I happened to read LZ‘s post on satisfaction on the main blog. And in keeping with how in sync we all seem to be this as actually what I was thinking about, while in standing bow. In essence it’s the same lesson we’ve all been talking about for the last two weeks. This is not a sprint it’s a marathon. It’s essential that we stop thinking about the end game and focus on the now. Even if we have goals of were we want to be on the 11th of april, they are completely irrelevant right now. What’s even more important is that we are currently in the first 30 days, which is the period when the body readjusts, and heals most of the issues we brought with us into our practice. During this period it’s extra important that we listen to our bodies and listen hard. The only goal we should have for these 30 days should be to heal!

I know from my own practice that this is far from easy (at times it even seems impossible). The constant stream of words on these blogs help, so keep up the good work. Every day I find myself letting go just that little bit more of my attachment to the results. Yesterday I realised I have no goal for standing bow, and rather than creating one I just set out to practice it with the sole intent of getting the alignment right not caring how deep I got. Today I realised I need to let go of half moon, it’s a very strong posture for me. But I’ll go so deep I kill myself before class has even started and then I get nowhere with the rest of class. Tomorrow or the day after or next week I’m sure there will be another posture floating away. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to nothing more than seeing it float out of my conscious like a flower petal down a slow moving river.

Class #16 – Short but sweet

Today was an interesting day. I suspect I was low on electrolytes before class. I was feeling queasy and almost hungover. My mind was kind of all over the place but I think my postures were solid. That is until around fixed-firm when I caught up with the heat and started suffering some. Still a decent class, that hangover feeling was gone around awkward. I also felt good enough about the knee being locked to kick out in head to knee, and I managed (for a sec each side) to get the head to the knee. Great improvement there.

Class #15 – Please check your luggage at the door

Today was a hot class. I just couldn’t let go of the outside and focus on what was happening in the room. So I had no balance at all in the standing series, and the room felt really hot. I’m now convinced the heat/coolness of the room is almost completely based on how focused you are in class. Not the other way around. Once things starts stealing your peace the heat becomes obvious as well. But I took Jenn’s advice and refused to think of it as a bad class, so I only really had the heat to deal with which was nice progress.

The tip that felt most relevant today was (in standing bow) “If you are finding yourself dancing around struggling for balance come back to vertical and stay there until you find your balance. This might take several days or a couple of weeks”. I think he added that this is true for the entire standing balancing series. One little bonus point since this post sounds so negative (it’s not I’m super happy with the class btw). I managed to lock out the knee (and not just one side) in standing separate leg head to knee pose.

Away from the studio I had two people come up to me today to ask about Bikram. First one, let’s call him K. K is training for a triathlon and asked what days he could come along to a class. Once I’d explained that I go every day he immediately started asking about how I stayed hydrated enough and what I was eating to keep up. It was nice to have a conversation with someone who understands what a big thing those two are. His next question was how long the challenge was for. I think it’s the first person I’ve talked to who have a decent grasp on how big a challenge it is. Most people just think it’s going to a room and sit chanting Om or something.

The second person was completely out the blue, I walked into the kitchen area to make a cup of tea. T (M) & T (F) were already there having a conversation but when I walked in T (M) just said: “You could do sauna yoga like Johan does”. I then had to explain the hot room and how it’s not a sauna. I think T (F) was hooked from the word go. It sounds like she’ll be going for a class this weekend. I was able to recommend a newly opened studio just half a mile from where she lives.
We have a good relationship the yoga gods and me. The give me good karma and I provide them fresh souls to devour. 🙂

Class #14 – Second week finished

I’m not sure why I was so worried yesterday. The morning classes are absolutely lovely. It was nice and roomy (only about 8 people) and no beginners. Not that I mind beginners but it was nice to have one class after 2 weeks of loads of them. To have a nice practice where everybody new the postures in advance and everything flowed. Due to the weather Simi had been called in to lead the class as the intended teacher couldn’t make it. So two classes with her in 12 hours. Due to the small class we also got the chance to hear more about her take on yoga (rather than corrections) which was very enlightening.

It feels to early in the day for philosophical discussions so I’ll leave that to another post.
I had the strangest thing happen in one of the classes this week. After first set of Triangle I had so much energy I felt like I needed to jumping jacks or something. Just couldn’t stand still, or I would have exploded. It was still there (partly) after second set. I guess I found a new place in that posture.

Class #13 – Hitting the stride

I feel like in a way I’m hitting the stride now. It’s no longer a question of motivating myself to go to classes, rather the opposite. I spend all day just thinking about how great it going to be to get to yoga in the evening. I guess that throws a spanner in moving some classes to the morning. I guess I’ll just have to do doubles those days. 🙂 Speaking of doubles I keep having classes were I just want to stay in the room, but I’ve promised myself no doubles until friday at the earliest. I almost broke that promise today, if it wasn’t for the fact I managed to get one of my co-workers come along for her first class.

She did great by the way, in execution of the postures, pacing herself and in listening to the teacher. Her first words out after we got changed was, “So is the candle-lit class on Friday?”. I think I better look out, might have another addict on my hands soon. 🙂 We had another beginner in front of us as well, and even though he struggled a bit I’ve never heard such enthusiasm in the changing room after. Maybe it was a really good beginners class. Me I was freezing my arse of in the back of the room, no way am I going back there any time soon. I’ll stick with my nice cosy hot front row.

I’ve also booked my slot on the Barcelona seminar, so hopefully I’ll see aHappyYogi there. Thanks to TheDancingJ for letting me know about it, keep up the good yoga evangelism girl!

Class #12 – Anchor song

Todays class I was going to focus on detachment. But how do you focus on something that in itself could mean no focus. Turns out I needn’t have worried, the class has a way of being exactly what you need right. It was a very hot class today with a weird energy. However that gave me the chance to focus more on what I’d wanted to focus on yesterday, going into the postures slowly. So I forgot all about attachments and non-attachments and even lovely little Buddha. I just kept my head as trimmed as I could on the way I entered postures. And you know what the great thing about a really hot class is? You’re forced to forget about were you want the posture to go and just think about were it is. Non-attachment to posture preference in a little envelope at the door, sweet!

I hade Diane again today and she brought this little thought at end of class I felt had to share. She was talking about a student doing her first class at this studio after practicing some place else in the past. Welcoming her in to the group and her new home away from home. She then expanded by saying were ever you go in the world once you’ve joined the bikram world you know you’ve always got a place close by where you can feel save and familiar. This rang so true to me, and I would like to add this: This is the true extent of Bikram’s gift to us. Even though I know there is a lot of politics playing out about his copyrighting of the series, what it has given us as practitioners is a save anchorage in this choppy world. Stay save in the knowledge that when things seems to much you can always find a class nearby that will bring all the comfort of familiarity.