Excuses everywhere I look

Days 31
Classes 33
Teacher Simi

Today was just one of those classes with a million excuses. To stiff, congested nose, drank too much water… But I got through it and that’s that. Going to allow my body a bit of a rest in the shape of not doing anything else physically demanding. It’s been a long week and tomorrow everything is supposed to go back to normal. Hopefully that means time to eat, plan, do the laundry, and write blogs properly.

It’s cold in the winter

Days 30
Classes 32
Teacher Megan

Had a class back at the old studio today. Hardly got in the door before Laura called me on writing the blog. Hi Laura! It was the first time I’ve bumped into someone who’s just randomly found it. It was nice to see the familiar faces, so I guess I’ll have to sneak in some more classes there going forward. They currently have a broken heater (should be fixed next week) so that meant a rather cool class, with the heat coming from the back of the room. Great reason to park myself on the back row for a change. The lack of heat had the unexpected consequence that I kept getting bored (?! I’m officially damaged goods) and losing focus. This does not bode well for doing other types of yoga. Thankfully Megan is a very good motivator.

I lost a pair of shakti’s earlier this week, and I’ve been trying to find a shop that sells them to replace. But male yoga cloths are almost impossible in this town. I’ve managed a few places selling decent female cloths. But so far the only bikram suitable male shop I’ve found is a bikram studio in the completely opposite end of town. I bought their only pair in my size last weekend so I’m not holding my breath that they’ll have a load either. One of the yoga shop I visited that turned out only do female clothing told me to buy football (soccer) shorts. Yeah right! That might work fine for asthanga or whatever but for bikram honestly? If you’ve got suggestion for good online stores I’d love to hear about them.

Sorry kind of tired and ranting. I think I need this to be a movie and sleep night. Have fun people.


Days 29
Classes 31
Teacher Andrew

It was a bit premature saying that hell week was over. Was supposed to go pick up my printer and vacuum cleaner at the show then go for lunch with my dad. But got roped into loading a truck instead. Didn’t make it out until 6pm which meant 7pm was the only class I could make. I had nothing to eat all day, and nothing to drink the last 6 hours. Great way to start a class. So a banana and a sports drink to the rescue and of we go. I figured I’d better get a place in the back row, but no such luck. Sanjai was there to take class and sent me to front row, right in front of the podium. I was lacking in energy (duh!) so I had to sit out some sets, but otherwise it was a nice class.

This week has presented me with an unbelievable number of reasons to skip class. But even with classes in the bank I’ve managed to drag myself to class. Every single time I’ve felt better for it. Part of the resolve has been that I know as soon as I’ve had one day off it becomes easier to justify the next day and so on.

30 classes done

Days 28
Classes 30
Teacher Jessica

This is what 30 consecutive classes feel like, awesome! Just another 71 to go. 🙂 I know I’m two days ahead so I haven’t quite finished a 30 day challenge yet but we are getting there. The good news is I’m still loving the yoga and looking forward to the next 30 days (I better remember that).

Had class with Jessica today whose classes I’ve somehow managed to miss since the first week. I remember now why I enjoy her classes so much. Loads of little tips for the entire room and individual corrections for people. A good demonstration of the Bikram grip today. I had no clue I didn’t have that right.

Realised on the way home that I’d only had one slice of pizza to eat all day, and that was before lunch. I did a 8pm class. No wonder I felt like I was lacking in energy. I thought I was going to fall asleep between cobra sets. So I put more energy into locus and almost re-injured myself. I’ve figured out how I did it now. One muscle get caught by the arm, so half of it over stretches and the other half bunches up as a ball. I’ll need to keep an eye on that in the future.

Got the laptop home again today, so I can finally comment on blogs again. For some reason it didn’t work while using the 3G stick. Also hopefully my schedule will return to some resemblance of normality again tomorrow. Hell week is over and 30 classes done, yeah!

Love the camel

Days 27
Classes 29
Teacher Yasmine

Was so sure I wouldn’t be able to make class today. Missed the chance this morning and the the evening was pack full with commitments. But I managed to convice people I wasn’t needed for a meeting I really should have been at. So found some time. I’m so glad it worked out, it was another solid class. In the last few classes I’ve found myself really loving and looking forward to camel. Now that is progress if ever I’ve seen some. 🙂

The morning was early

Days 26
Classes 28

Another solid class with Simi as teacher this morning. Was able to let go of everything else today and just focus on the class which was nice. The good news was that the new savasana from yesterday was still there. I was set up closed to the corner in the front row and I think our little group (the people on either side and I) had some awesome energy. It almost felt like a little party in the corner. I would have invited the rest of the room but I was to focused on not paying attention to other parts of the room.

I can’t believe I’m on class 28 already, it feels like we started yesterday and soon the first month will have passed.

Now start to bless you

Days 25
Classes 27

Today was an amazing class. I decided that I’ve had to many excuses (fair enough they’ve been valid) recently so today I had to sharpen up. Target for the class was not to sit out any set. Target achieved! But to add to that I had more than a hand full of postures where I found a totally new place today. Including for some strange reason savasana, I’ve thought I had a straight back (some of the time) in savasana before, but today after wind removing it was as if the floor became water and just invited each and every cell of my backside on to it, amazing feeling. In standing head to floor it felt like I found another 10″ towards the floor (it’s more likely it was only 1-2″). It’s the first time I’ve felt close to touching the head. Another strange one was rabbit. First set I was so stiff I could hardly get the head to knees, in the second set it felt the opposite as if I could almost have gotten the forehead to the pelvis. But I didn’t feel anything change in between. Both today’s and yesterday’s class was with Simi, who’s class I seem to always manage to catch. Maybe it’s not that strange I think she’s the busiest teacher there.

I’ve decided yesterdays class was just a major detox thing. Lord knows I could do with one. Speaking of which, even though I specifically made it not part of the challenge to stay of booze so far I’ve had non. Now I might as well stay of it for the rest of the first 30. Can’t remember the last time I didn’t drink for 30 consecutive days, but I’m sure it’s at least 10 years ago. How are you all doing, I’m sure we’ve got a nice split of people? I definitely don’t begrudge people their evening wine but it’s interesting to hear peoples views.

Simi had this beautiful moment in class today, that made me think about things slightly different for a while. “*girl sneezing* Bless you. Now start to *sneeze* bless you…” the timing was impeccable and I think she did it on reflex. It was nice to think about blessing yourself instead of bending your knee. In a way I guess it was a gentle reminder of why we do this practice. Every day we go to bless ourself, to worship at the temple of our bodies to the spirits of our mind and soul.

Quick post

Days 24
Classes 26

Yes, I survived it! It was a bit of a struggle. To add to the joy my nose was congested. It nearly killed me in pranayama at the beginning. One nostril was blocked so the other one overheated. It felt like my nose was about to burn off. It cleared by Triangle but came back in rabbit.

Me and my dreams have a date

Days 23
Classes 25

Had a decent class today, had to take it a bit easier then usual to save the healing muscle and recoup after yesterdays double. Don’t know who was teaching the class today, it was someone I’ve had before but I can’t remember the name. She didn’t introduce herself before class and it wasn’t the teacher that should have had class so I couldn’t just check the board.

After 3 classes in less then 26 hours, followed by 12 hours of hard physical work I’m now officially beat for the day. I’m a desk person any physical work is a shock, 12 hours madness. I don’t care my normal bedtime isn’t for hours. I’m of to lala land. And best of all, more of the same tomorrow. I wonder what tomorrows practice will be like I could be really stiff, have no energy or have one of those rockstar classes. Right now I can’t tell it could go either way. That’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?

Goodbye week 3 and welcome new me

Days: 22
Classes: 23/24

I just realised I haven’t added teachers this week. Monday was a Sanjai class, Tue Diane, Wed Yasmine, Thu Michelle.

Another double day today. Did the 6:30am with Simi to start of the day. I really enjoyed the morning class yesterday so I thought I’d do it again today. Had a ragged time getting in to quite some postures, no grace at all. But the body seems to be back in form and rewarded me with loads of energy. Managed every set of all postures (even locus was back) and my breathing was nice and steady.

Next week is going to be another challenge logistically so I might need a day or two from the bank. Got the week off work to work at an expo for my side business. That means loads of social commitments and late evenings. I’ve also got my dad and sister visiting.

The evening class was another candle lit with Sanjai. It was definitely more of a struggle than the morning one. The weak muscle was back, and it’s friend on the other side made a brief cameo. I guess I’ve been overcompensating.

On the positive side my body and I seem to have grown closer together. I’m no longer shocked at all these new muscles and things. I’m happy just accepting them as part of who I am now. So that’s one step on the ladder to one of the major hopes I had going in to this challenge. It’s the same with the practice, I’m much more relaxed about what kind of practice I have. It’s even been hard to write anything the last couple of days because it’s felt like there has been very little to say. A practice is a practice and does not need dwelling on.