Two towns

Days 92
Classes 107 & 108 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Ky, Rachel

Took class with Ky Hu today, the 2007 yoga cup champion. Had a brilliant standing series. But I’d had no breakfast before class so I was completely wiped out by standing separate leg head to knee. The floor series was a write off. Oh well, you can’t have everything.

Ky’s dialogue was excellent, nice to hear full dialogue for a change. It made me smile each time there was some part that is normally left out.

For the second class I went up to Leicester to visit the studio there. Rachel was teaching, another one of the people that was in Barcelona. A nice little suprise. She was giving me just enough of a hustle. I think I needed someone to kick me around a bit and she did a good job of that.

The changes fade away

Days 91
Classes 106 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Jessica

I spent a lot of time today after class talking about my challenge with various people and the following dawned on me. The further this challenge goes the less I notice the changes to my practice, but the more those same changes are apparent to other people. It’s a weird paradox that the more people notice and start taking an interest in my practice the less I seem to remember about what happened and when. In a way it makes me extra grateful that I’ve been updating the blog daily. I’ll have something to look back at and hopefully help me remember.

So on that note in today’s class I was really  distracted. I just could not keep my focus and some posture were struggling for it. Still some postures were better then usual, balancing stick comes to mind. I was also suffering from a stiff right hip which made among others fixed firm interesting.

3X30 done

Days 90
Classes 105 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Yasmine

Brought another friend with me today. It was time for another sacrifice to the yoga gods to see me through the last few days of the challenge. It was another nice solid class today, nothing much to report. The postures are stabilising for the moment. The underside of my feet are killing me in the balancing series. Not sure what that is about. Maybe I haven’t been walking enough during the winter, should plan a nice long walk some time soon.

Oh yes I just realised we are done with the third and final 30 day challenge.

The lesson is there if you just open your eyes

Days 89
Classes 104 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Diane

I’m sure it won’t last very long but I seem to have fallen into a rhythm at the moment. Nice solid classes with no major drama. Been working on my focus and it’s coming along really well. Still a couple of patterns I need to break but over all much better.

I no longer feel like I have to kick out in standing head to knee. I know I can do it so I’d much rather wait until I’m sure I’ve got the set up right. Sure I do still have to come back down because my leg starts bending, but I guess it comes with the territory.

As I mentioned yesterday my biggest distraction at the moment is when laying with the ear to the towel in cobra series. It wipes the sweat of so my ears get hot hot hot. Sometimes have to cool them with some water. I’m sure that would have sounded contra dictionary at the start of the challenge. I’m starting to love the sweat. On saturday I got to a point were I must have been to dehydrated, it felt like I couldn’t sweat enough to keep the body cool. It was the most horrible I’ve ever felt i class. The body unable to take care of itself. However I’m sure it helped with my new mindset. All those little tiny annoyances just seem so petty now.

There is always something positive to take from each class, and often more than one thing.

Stomach workout

Days 88
Classes 103 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Karen

It was back to normal today. Actually it was a rather easy class. Except for the fact that my ear have started burning after the cobra series recently it didn’t feel hot at all. I mean sure the room was hot and juicy, it just didn’t bother me today.

I had to go take Karen’s class today, haven’t been to one of her’s for months. It’s funny even with a daily practice it’s hard to manage to see all the teachers you’d like to. I guess there is only a limited number of time slots I can take. Maybe it’s also that I have way to many favourite teachers. Was double lucky today in that Fran had been teaching the class before and decided to stay to practice. Another person to help keep me honest in class. 🙂

Now my stomach muscles feels worked over in the most amazing way. I’m at lost for what I did different, but what ever it was I hope I do it tomorrow as well. Maybe it was the backbends, I’ve been focusing on using the front of the body in them. It makes a huge difference and doesn’t feel like you’re crunching yourself up the same way.


Days 87
Classes 102 (+7 advanced)
Teacher David

I woke up this morning in panic, it’s only two weeks left of the challenge. It’s getting time to decide on what to do after. But the panic was all about not having the challenge anymore. I guess a long break is out the window. 🙂

For now I can continue enjoying it. Went up to Manchester to visit the studio there today. Very nice, spotless clean and very fresh looking. Also loads of fresh oxygen and lower humidity then I’m used to.

I was stiff after yesterdays double but not to bad. The hydration was back to a more normal level as well. Maybe it’s because it was a evening class so I had all day to hydrate before getting there.

I think I’m turning into a camel

Days 86
Classes 101 (+7 advanced)
Teacher Emma

First back to back class in a week and it wiped the floor with me. Truely, I must have been really dehydrated, went through 4.5L of water during class (+a coconut water). Had 1.5 before and the same after. I’m still feeling thirsty, still got a slight headache.

Other then the water the class really re-aligned my body. I’m all kinds of stiff now.

In the second class I also bumped into one of the people from Barcelona. Nice suprise although I should have guessed it. She does work at the studio I went to. Oh yes went to a different studio then usual so it was a good opportunity to socialise some.

Meeting up with another person from Barcelona now. I can feel a yoga geek out day coming on. 🙂 Now if only I can figure out how to work those appendixes that sits bellow the hips I’ll be on my way.

Well that’s awkward

Days 85
Classes 100 (+6 advanced)
Teacher Jo

Did another class at Soho today. Jo teaching and she was taking no prisoners today. Pure will power kept me going into the postures after we hit the floor. It might have been slightly better if I would have had some water when hitting the floor. But held off and was struggling all through cobra series.

I guess a kick arse class was what I needed today. Get me set up for the weekend and reminding me that it’s not all fun and games. I was surrounded by lovely inspiring people in the class today which helped a bit.

I did an experiment this morning. Holding onto the edge of my bath tube I went down into first part awkward. Once I’d set up the legs exactly 90 degrees (both calfs and thighs) I slowly stretched forward while pulling my chest back. Releasing the tube I was then in a perfect awkward. Still can’t do it in class, but it felt good to see where that posture should be going too. It was also nice to see it wasn’t impossible.

Nothing to say

Days 84
Classes 99 (+6 advanced)
Teacher Jessica

I have no clue what to say about todays class. Nice strong practice, very focused. Almost all the postures are back to were the were pre-monday.

It’s the greatest moment of your life, man!

Days 83
Classes 98 (+6 advanced)
Teacher Yasmine

Back in business today, a nice relatively strong class. Focus wasn’t as good as I’d like but I blame it on having to spend more time thinking about my back.

I realised today that something has changed about the more challenging classes. I’m not sure what but they seem to be challenging in a different way then they were when I first started. Even if I feel like there is no way I’ll get through class I’m not worried about possibly leaving the room. Maybe it’s just that I’ve proven to myself so many times now that I can stay in the room no matter what. Also physically they feel different. I think maybe I’m starting to feel the nuances better. Just because back bending is challenging doesn’t mean forward bending will be. Or even just because it’s challenging in say cobra doesn’t mean camel will be the same.

As Tylor Durden would say I’m staying with the pain better. Not zoning it out, just accepting it and moving on to the next thing.

Stay with the pain, don’t shut this out!
Without pain, without sacrifice, we would have nothing. This is your pain! This is your burning hand! It’s right here! It’s the greatest moment of your life, man!